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Welcome to the Web portal of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in Belgium!

We have endeavoured to gather here all the relevant information for anyone seeking to find out:

  • what NVC is all about
  • what NVC can do for people and in what contexts (self, family, work, school)
  • how and where to get training in this process created by Marshall Rosenberg
  • how to become a trainer certified by CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication)
  • what resources are available (books, CDs, DVDs…)


We work closely with a team of trainers certified by CNVC, or in the certification process. We can make you a customised offer to suit your needs, in the following languages: French, English and Dutch/.

Should you wish to receive a personalised offer, please contact Sophie Grosjean – +32 479 890 726 – +32 479 890 726 – info@communicationnonviolente.be

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